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Commissioned by the Drug Control in Fujian Province, Fujian Province, Fujian Province Government Procurement Center for Drug Control, business desktop computers, portable computers for the domestic public procurement Tender Are welcome to come to domestic qualified bidders to submit sealed bids.

1. Tender No: FJAG2008032. 2. Tender: Fujian Institute for Drug Control commercial desktop computers, portable computer purchase.

3. Contents and requirements of the tender (tender of goods, quantity, and the main technical specifications): 38 business desktop computers, portable computers 17 units (see the goods (services) list).

4. Bidder's eligibility requirements:

(1) with independent corporate qualifications, ability to provide goods and services tenders.

(2) meet the "Government Procurement Law" provisions of the conditions of Article 2.

(3) bidders cast products have mandatory requirements or state certification (such as government procurement of energy-saving products mandatory list of products, 3C certification, etc.), must provide relevant documents or certificates, or regarded as invalid bids.

(4) the amount budgeted as price-cap, more than the tender price ceiling as invalid tender.

bidder qualification specific requirements are detailed in the tender document, "Chapter II Instructions to Bidders."

5. Bidding Documents: May 29, 2008 until June 23, 2008, daily 8:30-11:30,15:00-17:00 (except holidays).

6. Bidding Documents: Government Procurement Center of Fujian Province (Fuzhou, 128 Waring Road, Pingtung, 14 floor, Branch office).

7. Selling Bidding Documents: 100 per set, if mailed, Plus 50, the tender to sell Yigai rebate. Government procurement center will mail process may not occur for the delay or loss.

Different places to purchase tender documents, by notice to provide the branch name, bank of deposit, accounts, wire transfer the amount corresponding to the purchasing center account, and reprint copies of the wire transfer and you need to purchase the tender number, company name, contact, telephone number, Mobile , Fax, and company address and fax together with annotations to procurement centers.

8. Tender deposit: bank transfer bidders to provide bid security, and ensure that opening day at 8:00 (Beijing time) to provide notice before the arrival of this account, the bid deposit or wire transfer order must specify the single bid tender reference and otherwise not recognized. Fujian Provincial Government Procurement Centers in the Fujian provincial government procurement centers will provide the bid bond bank account credited into account as far as credentials, issued to the bidders bid security received payment receipt. Bidder no later than the opening 10 minutes before closing time to receive the tender deposit payment receipt (to obtain clear copies are required to provide bid security bill, or wire transfer reprint photocopy); bidders before the deadline at the opening with the Fujian Provincial Government Procurement Center Financial bid bond issued by the receipt of receivables, to handle the project managers to confirm opening bid bond has been provided, will not confirm that, as a bid bond is not provided, the tender invalid.

Opening after the deposit of the refund process work within the stipulated time, the bidder shall return the deposit payment receipt issued, the Procurement Centre Branch Finance, awarded the supply should be issued by the successful results of the procurement notice and signed contract, deposit will return to the original import accounts.

9. According to "The People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law," the fifty-second article, a bidder to tender documents in case of doubt, must be the date of the tender announcement within seven working days, will issue in writing to submit to the Fujian Provincial Government Procurement Center, presented an oral question to clarify the issue not be accepted.

10. Bidding on this project related information (including modifications of bidding documents) will be in the government procurement related websites (such as http://www.ccgp-fujian.gov.cn or http://www.fjgpc.cn or http: / / www.fjzfcg.gov.cn) published, please concerns related to potential bidders Web site at any time, in order to avoid mistakes in important information.

11. Deadline: at 9 o'clock on the June 24, 2008 (Beijing time), the bidder should be sealed before the tender documents to the Government Procurement Center of Fujian Province, late delivery or non-compliant bid will be rejected.

12. Opening time and place: at 9 o'clock on the June 24, 2008 (Beijing time), the Fujian Provincial Government Procurement Center Opening Hall.

13. The project procurement by: Fujian Provincial Institute for Drug Control

Address: No. 330 Fuzhou Tong Rd, Post Code: 350000

Contact: Huang Feng, Tel: 87623553 Procurement agencies: the Government Procurement Center of Fujian Province

Address: No. 128 Fuzhou Road, Pingtung Hualin 14th floor office, Post Code: 350003

Contact: LEE Pui Man Tel :0591-87803032 Fax :0591-87838013 Sale of tender documents Contact: Zheng Qingping

Tel :0591-87848985 Fax :0591-87819301 Account Name: Fujian Provincial Government Procurement Center

Bank: Industrial Bank branch in Fuzhou Hualin

Account: 117130100100001915 Financial Contact: Lin Tel :0591-87767795 Fujian Provincial Government Procurement Center Web site: www.fjgpc.cn

Fujian Provincial Government Procurement Center
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Fujian Province Business Desktops, Portable Computers Tender Notice - Desktops, Notebooks, Tender-it

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